3 Different types of plastic injection moulds

A shaped plastic products need to be made from plastic injection moulds. There are different types moulds for normal parts like 2 plate mould, 3 plate mould and hot runner mould & cold runner mould. Suntime mould is very professional on these kinds of injection mould manufacturing. Below are the brief introduction of them.


A. Two plate mould

2 plate mould is a very basic type of plastic injection mould. It is also a widely used for many different parts for different industries. It can be designed as a single cavity or multi-cavity according to plastic product’s size, structure and other requirements. In Suntime, we have made many 2 plate moulds including normal injection moulds (simple open&close type and sliders/lifers type), over mould, insert mould, auto-unscrewing mould and high temperature mould and so on.


B. Three plate mould

Compared with two plate mould, the three plate mold adds a partially movable intermediate plate in the fixed half of injection mould which is for cutting the runner. The three plate mold has more complex structure and higher manufacturing cost with more difficult machining for mould components, in this case, it is normally not been used for the production of large or extra-large plastic moulded products.


C. Cold runner and Hot runner mould

Hot runner mold is similar to the traditional cold runner mold. The difference is that the hot runner mold injects plastic material into cavity through the nozzle directly. There is no runner in the moulded parts when do molding process, which greatly improves the utilization rate of raw materials and avoids waste. In general situation, the cost of hot runner mold is higher than cold runner mold, but if the molded part is very small, or even smaller than the runner, hot runner mold is a more cost-saving choice.

Meanwhile, hot runner molds can shorten the injection molding cycle time which is suitable for mass production for more benefit.


A successful project is related to the selection of mold types. Generally, professional mold engineers will select Suitable mold type by comprehensively consideration for all factors including part design, volume, molding environment, installation system, resin, and the specific needs of customers, etc., Suntime Mould has designers and engineers works for this filed more than 10 years for global markets, and after knowing your requests and demands, they will provide you the best solution of mould making, cost-saving and easy maintenance and so on.


Post time: Feb-22-2022