Plastic molded battery box cover lid for Automotive battery

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Suntime precision Mould is ISO9001 certificated manufacturer in mould and molding. For this kind of Automotive battery projects, Suntime mould has much experience and have good reputation on quality, lead time and price.


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Product Introduction

Suntime Precision Mould has made many similar battery lids and boxes with different size. The surface is A-3 polish. There are many ribs inside in the battery lid and need to do very well in mould cooling so that the warpage can be controlled great. This product is used for Automotive industry. End customer is very happy with our quality and service, Suntime had the opportunity to visit them twice before Covid-19.

Project information

Appliance and Type Automotive battery box and lid, plastic insert moulding
Part name Battery Lid
Resin PP
No. of cavity 1 Cavity and 2 cavities
Mould Base S50C
Steel of cavity&Core 738H
Tool weight 950 ~ 1450kg ( 10 sets moulds)
Tool size 450*600*500 ~ 450*800*500
Press Ton 380 T
Mold life 500000
Injection system Hot runner of mold master hot tips
Cooling system 25 ℃
Ejection System Ejector pins
Special points A-3 polish,ultrasonic welding
Difficulties Warpage caused by different wall thickness
Lead time 4~5 weeks
Package Anti-rust Paper and film, little anti-rust oil and plywood box
Packing items Certification of steel, final 2D & 3D tool design, hot runner document, spare parts and electrodes…
Surface finish Mirror polishing
Trade terms FOB Shenzhen
Export to Australia


Suntime has very effective mold designers. For DFM, it can be finished within 1~2 days, mold flow / 2D layout within 2~4 days, and 3D within 3~5 days depending on mold complexity.

2D layout

2D Layout

3D mold design

3D mold design

3D tool design

3D mold design

Mold flow

Mold flow

With customers

Customers came to Suntime many times to check the tool making and moulding, and Suntime team has visited them twice in 2016 and 2019 before the Covid to provide technical support. After our customers' introduction, Suntime team knew more about the the working process of automotive battery production. And we have more knowledge and confidence to do better for them based on our years' experience.

clients checking in Suntime-min

More details

* We used Becu for the lead post area for better cooling.
* One side of the parts is thin and another side is very thick, Suntime had to control very well for the molded part's deformation.
* The battery lid is ultrasonic welding to battery box.
* We prepare spare parts every time before mold shipping.


Mold packing Video


1. Can we sign NDA Between Suntime Precision Mould?
Yes, we understand that all your design and information are confidential. It is absolutely no problem to sign a NDA before cooperation. And it is our obligation to protect your information unless having your approval to let the third party know.

2. Besides the battery box lid, do you also make battery box and handle?
Yes, we have much experience of this kind of battery box moulds with different sizes including battery lids, battery box and handles. The end customer is very happy with our quality and lead time.

3. This project is insert mold, what other types moulds you can make?
Normal cold runner & hot runner injection mold,Over mold, insert mold, family mold, multi-cavity mold (32 cavities), 2K mold, Auto unscrewing mold, high temperature mold, MUD mold, Rapid tooling and so on.

4. Who can speak good English in your company? How’s your communication?
"Our sales have good English not only in writing but also in oral speaking, you can contact us by any ways like email, SNS, phone calls, video meeting and visiting.
Our engineers not only have good experience in technical things, but also can read, write and speak some in English. You can communicate with them 1 to 1 directly. "

5.How about the tolerance for parts made in Suntime Precision Mould?
Mold: +_0.01mm, Plastic Part: +_0.02mm and Machining product: +_0.005mm

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