Mould maker in China for plastic injection moulds & die cast molds

Mould maker in China for plastic injection moulds & die cast molds

Short Description:

Do you want to know if your parts suitable for tooling or anything need to improve?
Do you want to have a 24/7 fast response partner to help you develop more market?
Do you want to receive a beautiful and high quality mold timely with best price you can offer?
Try Suntime, all tooling in house.

Suntime Precision Mould is specialized in plastic injection mold making and die cast mold making. With many years experience for exporting products, we understand customers’ demand of high quality and effective communication.


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What is needed for your quotation of mould tooling?

1.Part 2D/3D drawings. If no drawings, clear photos showing the structure and dimension, or, samples to our factory directly.

2.Cavity quantity. How many cavities will have big impact on tooling price and lead time.

3.Steel material. Different material has different mold life and advantages, it will affect the tooling price a lot. If you don’t know material, telling us the annual volume will be helpful.

4.Runner type, cold runner and hot runner have different cost and specialties.

5.Plastic material (resin). This is not a must, but knowing it will be very helpful to make an accurate price estimation.

More information of details / specifications  will help us to quote more accurate. Send us quote and get the price & lead time within 24 hours!

What is our normal Working flow?

Pre-sales support(quotation, material choose, DFM analysis, tooling configuration…)—> PO —> DFM —> 2D / mold flow —> 3D—> Manufacturing—> trials—> modification/ correction—> T2, T3….—> Double check before delivery—> empty running before shipping—> final documents and certification preparation —> packing—>shipping on time—>after sales support

Basic information for mold manufacturing in Suntime

Mold making capability:

*  Aluminum die casting mold

* Single plastic injection mold

* Multi-cavity injection mold

*  Family moulds

*  Hot runner systems mold

* MUD mold

* Over mold

* 2K mould

* Thin Wall mold

* Rapid prototyping mold

Software related:

Mold Flow: Mould Flow Analysis

3D Modeling: Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, Solidworks

2D Drawing: Auto-CAD, E-drawing

CNC Programming: Master-CAM, PowerMill

All following international data format works OK for us:

2D drawing files: dwg,dxf,edrw ;

3D drawing files: step,Igs,X-T,prt,sldprt.


Standard Components: DME, HASCO, LKM, Meusburger….

Hot Runner: Mold master, Mastertip, Masterflow, Husky, Hasco, DME, Yudo, Incoe, Syventive, Mold master…

Polishing/Texture: SPI,VDI, Mold-Tech, YS....

Molding Resin: A380 (Aluminum alloy), PEEK, PPSU,ABS, PC, PC+ABS, PMMA, PP, HIPS, PE(HDPE,MDPE,LDPE). PA12, PA66, PA66+GF,TPE,TPR,TPU, PPSU, LCP, POM, PVDF, PET, PBT, etc,.

Design and Engineering:

* Quotation 1~2 working days (free DFM is needed)

* DFM: 1~3 working days

* Mold flow:

* 2D design: 2~4 working days

* 3D design: 3~5 working days

* Weekly report every Monday

* Report to customers anytime


Email, telephone, video meeting, SNS and annal visiting

24/7 on call !

Tooling Capabilities:Fully equipped tooling facilityISO 9001:2015 certificated

Experienced tooling staff

CMM Inspection

Injection machines for trials

complete QC documents

Effective working follow

Production Lead Time:


1~3 Weeks for all design and communication

Tooling manufacturing

3.5-8 Weeks up to 12 ton mold


Days to several weeks depending on quantity


Technical -Design

What is a good mold? It must have good quality to meet production requests stable and smoothly, and no need to spend too much time & cost for maintenance and repair.

A good mold design is the critical start. Suntime has 6 designers in total with more than 5-10 years’ experience, they always pay special attentions on customers' specification and details by thinking about the cost-saving solution based on stable and good quality. Their years’ experience for exporting molds give them great knowledge for global mold standards and quality demands.


Tooling manufacturing and Project management

•With customers' parts drawing (2D&3D) and specification, we hold kick off meetings with designers, engineers and operation manager together to learn details and make memo for the projects.
•After customers approval for DFM, they start the 2D layout & 3D mold drawing & Mold flow analysis in short time.
•During all the process, weekly report will be provided every Monday to make sure customers have all things under control.
For mold trials, we send trial report with mold photos, samples photos, short shot photo, weight photo, moulding issues and our solutions.  Meanwhile, Moulding video, inspection report and moulding parameter will be provided as fast as possible after. With customers’ approval to send samples, we send parts by express under Suntime's account.

More information, please check our 'Engineering'


•Mold corrections or modifications will be started at once after communication with customers. Normally, second trial will happen within 3~7 days.
•When samples get approved, we will prepare the final data for this tooling project in a memory stick including final 2D&3D mould design, BOM, certifications, components and moulds details' photos (like electrical connectors, water fittings, core and cavity, shot counter, lift strap etc) and any other requested information. At the same time, our production workers and engineers will clean molds and do double check based on our mould delivery checking list before packing. The check list have all the details and customers' requests so that we can inspect all according to it and make sure customers can have the moulds that they wanted. Suntime will use vacuum packing or anti-rust paper for transportation, we will use grease oil on the surface according to customers requests and transportation method (air, sea or train).


•For transportation including air shipping, sea shipping, train shipping and express shipping, we arrange transportation and do related packing according to customers requests and work tightly with customers' forwarders. And if customers want to use our forwarders, we also have very professional partners to help exporting & importing for many years. Their experience helped us a lot, we are sure the goods can arrive to customers fast and smoothly with their good service.
•Fast response, smooth communication and patience are one of Suntime's advantages, some of our customer said we have the top class service level. During the whole process from pre-sales technical support to manufacturing, shipping,  our skilled engineers and sales will be of your fast communication windows and strong supports. Their 24/7 on call service can give you timely response of all your concerns and emergency.

Even during holidays, you can find us and we can help you to solve urgent issues.


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