Precision plastic injection mould for consumer electronic parts

Precision plastic injection mould for consumer electronic parts

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Suntime Mould has made several same plastic moulds for this kind of precision injection tools for mobile connector. This project has short lead time and high precision requirement. The parts need to do heat treatment after molding. It is multi-cavity (8 cavity) high temperature mould, the mould temperature reach to 120 degree, and plastic injection molding cycle time is 9 seconds. Moulds stay in Suntime for injection moulding production, over 100,000 parts were needed each day.  We are not only making high quality precision plastic injection mould, but also be a reliable manufacturer of custom plastic injection molding service in China for you.


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Appliance and Type Electronic precision components made by multi cavity plastic injection mould, 
Part name Mobile connector
Resin Powder metallurgy materials
No. of cavity 1*8
Mould Base S50C
Steel of cavity&Core S136  HRC 52-54
Tool weight 450KG
Tool size 450X350X370mm
Press Ton 90T
Mold life 1000000 shots
Injection system Hot runner, 2pcs Mold-master hot tips
Cooling system Cooling by oil, mould temperature 120 degree
Ejection System Two step ejection
Special points Powder metallurgy materials, precision injection mould, hot runner, 8 cavity mould, short cycle time
Difficulties High precision tolerance,high temperature mould,short mould making lead time and very short moulding cycle time. The material is Powder metallurgy material having short cooling time and high demand of injection machines.
Lead time 4 weeks
Package Mould stay in China for plastic moulding production
Packing items Certification of steel, final 2D & 3D tool design, hot runner document, spare parts and electrodes…
Shrinkage 1.005
Surface finish SPI B-1
Injection moulding cycle time 9 seconds
Second treatment of products after moulding  Heat treatment for molded products
Export to  Mould stay in China for plastic moulding production


We have made many tools for this customer. Our designers work very effective, for DFM, it can be finished within 1~2 days, 2D layout within 2~4 days, and 3D within 3~5 days depending on mold complexity. When time is very urgent, we normally make 3D drawing directly after DFM, but of course, it must be based on customers' approval.

Precision mould for mobile connector (4)

2D layout

Precision mould for mobile connector (5)

3D mold design

Precision mould for mobile connector (6)

3D mold design

More details

The injection mould tool is 8 cavity high temperature injection mould. Plastic is powder metallurgy materials and the molded parts will need heat treatment as it is the mobile connector. Injection moulding cycle time is very short, 9 seconds for one shot. 

Precision mould for mobile connector (7)

Injection Moulding Video 


1. What services and products can you offer?
Our main business is for plastic injection mold making, die cast mold making, plastic injection molding, die casting (Aluminum), precision machining and rapid prototyping. We also provide value-added products including silicon parts, metal stamping parts, extrusion parts and stainless machines parts and so on.

2.Are your company is a trading company?
No, we are a real mould manufacturing and plastic injection molding factory. We can provide registration image for reference and any other information you want if needed. Meanwhile, you can visit us anytime, even no appointments.

3. What Suntime can do during Chinese public holidays?
Suntime team provide 24/7 service working style. For Chinese public holidays, our sales and engineers can take overtime work for any of your emergency. And when there is necessary, we will do the best to ask workers to take overtime work during holidays by day shift and night shifts to meet your urgent requirements.

4. How many years do you do mold and molding exporting business?
We have more than ten years exporting experience to global market ,exported plastic injection mould, die cast mould, die casting parts, plastic injection molded products and CNC machining components etc,.

5. What equipments do you have?
For mold manufacturing, we have CNC, EDM, Grinding machines, milling machines, drilling machines, etc,. For custom plastic molding, we have 4 injection machines from 90 ton to 400 ton. For quality inspection, we have hexagon CMM, Projector, hardness tester, height gauge, vernier caliper and so on.

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