8 points for precision plastic injection mold design and manufacturing


There are multiple manufacturing procedures to make a precision injection mould. And the quality of design and each procedure affects the final quality of precision injection molds. Therefore, we need to pay attention on all aspects when do mould design and do manufacturing for precision injection moulds. Here are 8 points we think we need to know for plastic injection mold making.

1. At the beginning of the design for each precision injection mold, it is a must to determine its opening direction and parting line to ensure that the structure of the mold is simple enough and easy to process. The core-pulling sliders should be minimized as many as possible and do the best to avoid parting line on the appearance of plastic molded products. We normally do this in a DFM analysis for customers’ approval.

2. The basic literacy of a precision injection mold designer, they are required to understand the design details of each mold and the correct use of each mold components so that they can design the whole mold structure accurately.

3. When designing a precision injection mold, designers need to check if our company has made the similar product before, and understand the similar situation during its machining and moulding production, and learn from the previous experience and get good lessons.

4. As design engineers for precision injection molds, they need to consider the possible the mold trial results and future modification of the mold you designed, and learn from previous experience and get good lessons. 

5. When do mould design, it is very important to select the appropriate draft angle for de-moulding, so that it can make sure successful demoulding and/or avoid the injection molding product from being scratched.

6. When designing a plastic injection mould, it is important to comprehensively consider the the appearance and performance of the plastic parts and the possible contradiction between different machining craft.

7. Design many latch locks to be used together so that the mould life won’t be will affected due to the damage of one or two of them. And it will be better to use radius as much as possible in the mold design to increase the strength of the mold.

8. Consider some more options before designing a precision injection mold and estimate the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and choose the best.

As a mold designer of precision injection mould, we need to constantly learn new mold technology and learn more about new and complex mold structures, in this case, we can use it in practice to improve the possibility of success in less mould trials.

Post time: Sep-08-2021